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We wrote in 2000, the year of first publishing European Psychotherapy

„Dear Readers,
the first issue of EUROPEAN PSYCHOTHERAPY has now been published. For publishers, advisers, editors and staff this is a very pleasant event. So far we are only to some extent able to show what is to become of this „child“. At first it has to learn to walk so that it can reach the psychotherapists in the different countries of this continent. Then it has to find a language which is understood by as many psychotherapists in Europe as possible. And finally this „child“ has to find its contents which is to be transmitted, for which the readers are waiting and which we want to convey to them. This is a matter of development – a development which we would like to carry out together with our readers and by means of a lively communication with them.“ Meanwhile this journal is a forum for communication among psychotherapists in Europe and it makes possible those encounters which lead to a fruitful exchange and personal as well as scientific benefit for everybody.“


Serge Sulz, Prof. Dr. med. Dr.phil., München, Germany

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